Government Agencies and Local Authority Trading Companies

Local Authority Trading

Government Agencies &
Local Authority Trading Companies

Government Agencies & Local Authority Trading Companies

  • LATCos: Formation of Local Authority Trading Companies under the Teckal exemption:
    • development and Cabinet approval of commercial strategies & business plans; and
    • creation of governance structures that support a commercial approach whilst protecting the interests and statutory duties of the Local Authority.
    • See Local Authority Trading Companies
  • Mobilisation Programmes: Leading programmes to mobilise services from:
  • Cost, Efficiency, Quality:
    • Advising the LATCo Senior Team to run business diagnostics and identify opportunities for improvement.
    • Deliver improvement programmes to transform business processes to reduce cost, improve efficiency of service delivery and improve customer satisfaction, where possible leveraging cross-department and cross-platform opportunities and emerging ICT capabilities.
    • See Leading Complex Transformation Programmes

Grant Thornton’s Thought Leadership Paper on Local Authority Trading Companies may be found here.

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