Representing Overseas Technology Companies in the UK and Europe

Representing Overseas Companies

Representing Overseas Technology
Companies in the UK & Europe

Representing Overseas Technology Companies in the UK & Europe

o Representing Overseas Technology Companies in the UK & Europe

For growing technology companies, entrepreneurship studies by Deloitte show that early access to markets is a key factor for success. For companies based outside of the territory this can involve costly and time-consuming travel, depriving the business of scarce resources at a critical time in its life cycle. Sales Nova can remove this problem by providing expert representation for the company in the UK and European markets, securing access to markets faster and at a fraction of the cost.

Sales Nova employs executives with high technology backgrounds, including Doctorate and Master’s degrees in physical and chemical sciences from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. They are quickly able to gain a good understanding of high technology materials, processes and products.

Our executives have held senior commercial, sales & marketing roles in global technology companies, and speak multiple European and Oriental languages. They are skilled at identifying and opening the doors at key target customers to initiate new business, and in identifying, qualifying and supporting the appointment of suitable agents & distributors for the longer term.

We offer the following services:

  • Representation at Trade Exhibitions & Conferences;
  • Investigating market environment, market size, competitors, and local factors for success;
  • Identifying target customers and key influencers;
  • Meeting target customers to identify opportunities, progress trials, application tests & demonstrations, and to secure the first orders and payment;
  • Arranging customer & key influencer visit programmes for company employees, and accompanying them on their visit;
  • Advising on commercial contracts including customs duties & taxes, Incoterms. payment terms, warranties & support;
  • Identifying and assisting with the selection and contractual appointment of suitable Agents or Distributors.


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