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High growth countries across the world are facing rapid urban population growth, mostly in high-density housing developments. The resulting pressure on sanitation and resources mean that highly effective waste collection and recycling systems must be implemented, but are only effective if residents use them.

Sales Nova consultants possess world-renowned subject matter expertise in the design and implementation of waste & recycling collection systems for rapidly urbanising cities in high growth economies. We partner with experts in the design and delivery of public waste & recycling outreach & behaviour change programs, to ensure the successful implementation of new collection systems even in the most culturally complex situations.

Our key capabilities are summarised below:

  • Effective collection systems for high-density urban areas in fast growing countries with complex cultural & social structures
    • Sales Nova’s consultants have acted for Government Ministers and Mayors of some of the largest cities in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. They have surveyed the cities and designed new waste containment & collection systems and public engagement campaigns.
    • These have successfully reached out across the multiple cultures & languages present, positively influencing the behaviours of residents, homeowners and overseas domestic staff to achieve greatly improved use of waste containers.
    • This has led to significant improvements in sanitation, reducing side wastes and enabling progression to the next step of separate recycling collections.
  • Waste & Recycling Collection Infrastructure Planning, Procurement & Contract Mobilisation
    • Sales Nova’s consultants advised a Southeast Asian Government and the country’s leading collection operator on the waste & recycling collection infrastructure for the world’s largest municipal privatisation project.
    • They ensured the durability, safety and compatibility of all collection infrastructure, running performance trials to prove the system in a hot equatorial climate with a waste steam containing high levels of dense, corrosive wet food waste typical across the population.
  • Effective recycling systems and public behaviour change campaigns for high density urban dwellings
    • Sales Nova’s consultants led independent research projects to develop recycling containment systems, public outreach & behaviour campaigns that delivered dramatic improvements in recycling rates in high-density housing developments.
    • The work has been used by Governments and Councils in the UK and overseas to design and implement successful recycling schemes in high-density urban areas.

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