Strategic Thought Leadership

Stragegic Thought Leadership

Strategic Thought Leadership

Strategic Thought Leadership

Strategic Thought Leadership

By publishing communications addressing current and emerging strategic issues in its markets, an organisation can build a voice of authority that positions it as a leader. When done well, this can punch well above the organisation’s weight and gain the attention of key customers and key influencers, including Governments. This not only generates inbound enquiries; it also makes it much easier to open doors at the most senior levels to initiate commercial discussions, with customers setting out problems and needs from the strategic perspective.

Sales Nova employs interim executives highly experienced in leading the production and maximising the impact of Thought Leadership in the form of Papers & Reports, B2B surveys, web content and events to launch these publications. Our highly qualified interim executives are fast learners, chosen because they possess the skill of quickly gaining a deep understanding of a client’s market and of the market’s current and emerging issues. They gain this through the approach described in our section on Market Investigation, Analysis & Business Strategy Formulation.

Our Thought Leadership work is original and factual, adding value to the market and is not a “sales brochure.” We work in close consultation with senior management to agree the target market & audience, issue, nature of project and budget.

We work with polling organisations such as YouGov, PolicyConnect, and conduct project work in partnership with leading universities. We have led the production of reports that have featured in the Financial Times, and that have been used by Governments and major cities in the UK and in emerging markets in the Middle East & Asia to help them formulate policy and solve problems such as sanitation and resources related to rapid urbanisation.

Some examples of our work may be found here:


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