Market Investigation, Analysis and Business Strategy Formulation

Market Investigation, Analysis
& Business Strategy Formulation

Market Investigation, Analysis & Business Strategy Formulation

Market Investigation, Analysis & Business Strategy Formulation

At the core of Sales Nova is the capability of our interim executives quickly to gain a deep understanding of a client’s current and potential markets, identifying opportunities for growth. In parallel, we identify core business capabilities, and business constraints & opportunity costs that must be addressed in order to optimise the customer profile, grow market share and enter new markets.

Together with a clear understanding of the aims and vision of shareholders, we fuse these together to formulate a commercially led business strategy. Depending on shareholders’ aims and investment intentions, this may be focused on the optimisation of profitability & working capital; profitable revenue & market share growth; or both.

We ensure alignment of shareholder vision, business strategy, strategic plans, budgets & KPIs. Our downstream capabilities cover the design & deployment of the fully aligned business change & transformation programmes that successfully deliver the strategy:

  • Commercially-Led Operational Transformation
  • Sales & CRM Transformation
  • Key Customer Acquisition & Development
  • Market Share Growth, New Market Selection & Entry
  • Help with Exporting
  • Strategic Thought Leadership
  • Representing Overseas Technology Companies in the UK & Europe

We ensure the successful delivery of strategy, business as usual (BAU) and transformation programmes through the design & deployment of effective Governance & Management Systems and Leading Complex Change & Transformation Programmes in which we engage all stakeholders, with change management support to create a success culture.


Sales Nova’s Approach to Market Investigation

Sales Nova has access to information that can size and segment almost all markets, and of course we make use of the client’s market information. Our approach consists of the following:

  • Understanding the company:
    • core business capabilities;
    • current and planned product & service offering;
    • customer portfolio and customer satisfaction;
    • runner/repeater/alien/stranger analysis of products, looking at profit contribution; level of disruption to production flow; and use of slow-moving inventory;
    • analysis of historical sales data and the sales & contract delivery life cycle, to understand how the market buys on the spectrum from purely transactional to purely consultative and the mix of tenders / non-tenders;
    • current sales channels to access markets.
  • Desktop investigation of market size, segmentation, competitors and share.
  • In-field investigations, globally where appropriate, meeting key influencers, key customers & prospects, agents & distributors; and studying competitors for example at trade shows.
  • Classical strategic analysis tools including SWOT, STEEPLE, 5-Forces, Ansoff, Share-Growth.
  • Proprietary analysis tools and market modelling capabilities developed by Sales Nova.


From the above investigations & analyses we determine:

  • The company’s differentiating selling propositions.
  • New perspectives & contexts on which market(s) the company is in, which may open up totally new avenues of opportunity.
  • Key current and emerging external factors and market drivers, both from the company’s perspective and that of its customers.
  • Where the company is positioned vs current and potential competitors in its markets.
  • Opportunities to grow share in existing markets, sized & prioritised by opportunity cost & risk.
  • New market entry & development opportunities, sized & prioritised by opportunity cost & risk. We include the identification of JV and acquisition opportunities.
  • The attributes of optimal customer profiles in the company’s current & potential markets.
  • Opportunities for transformation to focus operational and commercial resources on the optimal products, services & customers for improved financial performance, customer satisfaction & growth.



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